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Focus on Efforts, not on Outcomes

Focus on Efforts, not on Outcomes

During times of pressure, we often tend to worry about the possible outcome and the varied things that might follow the set outcome. However, the way to progress isn't just the results or outcome but knowing your strengths and concentrating on your objectives. Before you begin, contemplate what you need to accomplish in your life and begin moving towards that direction. It is mind-blowing what can happen when you're not scared of disappointment, but rather learn and develop from it.


While being hard on yourself is not helpful, use this experience as a way of improving your future exams. Think about where you went wrong and what can you do differently to rectify it? Maybe you took a particular lesson lightly. While you cannot go back and rewrite your paper, you can take away some tips and do better in your future tests.


If you did the best you could then there is nothing more you could do. It's important that you truly feel that you did your best, that you know that it is enough. It is imperative for you to stay calm and focus more on your efforts than the end results.


Here are a few things you should keep in mind:


  • Be confident and don’t stress yourself about your preparation
  • Ensure you sleep well and keep your mind calm the day before the exam day
  • Try to finish your final revision a day or two before the exam. The day before the exam, your mind should be kept calm and stress-free
  • Stay focused on your test preparation rather than mulling over a bad paper
  • Value your efforts above the test results


It sounds obvious, but it really is important not to panic once you leave the exam hall. Try to find a place somewhere quiet and calm down for a while before you set out for your next adventure.



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